Commitment Course

If you’ve decided that you want to make KingsGate your home church, then the Commitment Course is for you!

The Commitment Course unpacks the mutual commitment of KingsGate Community Church and its members. One of the principles is that we share the workload and financial needs, the joys and the challenges, with a strong sense of unity, love, and respect. It has been an exciting journey to this point, and we’d love for you to join us in all that is yet to come!

I’m coming into committed membership because I recognise how important it is to belong to a church community in order to thrive. I also believe KingsGate is a great church to be a part of and wholeheartedly support its vision to transform lives through God's love and its approach in seeking to do this.

— Paul, from KingsGate

What's Involved?

Over three evening sessions, we look at themes such as what it means to be a Committed Member, the KingsGate vision and values, doctrine and personal foundations, and the practicalities of commitment.