Financial Freedom

A practical approach to handling your money God’s way.

The Financial Freedom Course is a relaxed, fun, interactive, and very accessible course which will teach you to manage your money God’s way. It will also help you to build a budget in order to take better control of your financial situation. Knowing how to budget financially is a great benefit, whatever your situation, whether you are facing specific issues with money or not. The course also looks at what the Bible has to say about four key areas:

  • Giving /
  • Saving /
  • Spending /
  • Debt

The course has not only changed my life but also my family’s. Many aspects of my thinking and heart attitude have been challenged and changed by God’s perspective on Money Management and the part I play in His kingdom as a steward of all that He owns.

— MH

What's Involved?

Over six evening sessions we look at what the Bible says about money and how we can become better stewards of all that God has entrusted to us. Each session includes teaching, opportunities for discussion and practical help towards building a budget.

When & Where?

Financial Freedom COURSE SESSIONS

Start Tuesday 3 March at 7:15pm
The course runs for 6 weeks
KingsGate / 2 Staplee Way / Peterborough / PE1 4YT