The Parenting Children Course

The Parenting Children course is for those with children up to the age of ten years old. Whether a parent or carer, this course is designed to help those who consider themselves to have strong parenting skills, as well as for those who are struggling.

The Parenting Children Course has successfully run during the last decade having been developed by Nicky & Sila Lee from HTB. The course is an opportunity for parents to enjoy a child-free evening, and each parent receives a practical course book, containing key tools that will help their family.

Great to have tips and pointers to help the parenting journey, important to feel confident and ready to action!

— Corene

What's Involved?

Consisting of five weekly sessions, the course starts with desserts and refreshments, followed by session talks on DVD, and small group discussion with parents of children at a similar life-stage. Each group is hosted by a trained facilitator, helping parents talk through any issues in a safe and relaxed environment.

Topics covered are:

  • Building strong foundations /
  • Love in action /
  • Setting boundaries /
  • Building character /
  • Our long term aim

The cost of the course is £7.50 per person and this covers course materials.

When & Where?

Parenting Children COURSE

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