Advisory Council for multiracial inclusion

Here at KingsGate we are committed to creating an environment where people of every race and culture have the opportunity to thrive and grow. That has been the culture of the church since it began  more than 30 years ago but most recently we realised that we wanted to be more proactive in promoting the wellbeing of all our people and taking action where racism or racial bias come to our attention.

To aid this process, during 2020 the Senior leadership Team commissioned an internal review which resulted in the creation of our Advisory Council on Multiracial Inclusion.

The council has two broad objectives; firstly to advise the Senior Leadership Team and secondly to provide a place where people can report any concerns they have related to racism.

The council is scheduled to meet four times a year under the leadership of Samson Abioye who is shown below with the other members of the council.

If you would like to raise a concern or bring something to the attention of the Advisory Council please use the form below.



  • Samson Abioye
  • Shanice Brown
  • Carmel Ciurdas
  • Charles Karanja
  • Euphemia Manyanga
  • Lydia Opayinka
  • Wai (Ted) Leung Wong