An update about kingsgate ministries


In this unusual season when Coronavirus (COVID-19) is disrupting our usual everyday lives, we continue to serve others in as many ways as possible.  

There are four specific things we are doing to serve others in this season: 

As a church community we are taking every opportunity to pray for those affected by the current crisis, those who are sick, the NHS staff who care for them at home or hospital and all essential workers. We are praying for our neighbours and colleagues too that they would be protected and strengthened in this season. We are praying for the Prime Minister and both national and local governments.    

Across KingsGate we have a network of LifeGroups which are the smaller groups that connect our community together. In our LifeGroups we take inspiration from the early church in Acts who not only worshipped and prayed together, but also carried each other’s practical needs (Acts 2:42-47)In our LifeGroups we take the opportunity share practical ways and work out how we can serve each other.  

We are taking the opportunity to care for our immediate neighbours and those in our wider community. In each of our KingsGate Centres we are supporting ministry that is caring for those most in need. We are encouraging our congregations to look out for vulnerable people in their neighbourhoods and to offer simple but much needed help.  

For those who are able and have the time available we would encourage volunteering in a number of key areas: 

Every blessing,

David Robertson
Exec Pastor