Café Church

Led by:

Karen Smith

We serve in a variety of ways at Café Church, covering all areas necessary to make a service happen: Set-up & Set-down, Greeting, Welcome, Information Desk, Hospitality, Ministry and Salvation Counselling. Our heart is to create a welcoming, friendly environment where people walk in and immediately feel at home. We aim to create a relaxed atmosphere where people can encounter God. 

Time & Location:

From 6pm-9pm at KingsGate. Set-up at 5:30pm; Hospitality Team arrives at 5:15pm.

What we're looking for:

  • For some roles within the team you must be a Committed Member (e.g. for Leadership, Ministry and Salvation)

  • For some roles within the team you must be a LifeGroup Member (e.g. for Leadership, Ministry, Salvation, Greeting, Welcome and Information)

  • You’re genuinely interested in people, with a sincere desire that everyone who visits us feels welcomed
  • You’re continually proactive - you are the first one to respond when a need arises
  • You’re passionate - with a heart to see people living in God’s best for them
  • You can attend training when required

Anything else:

Our rotas work on a four week basis, with a minimum serving expectation of one in four.

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