Welcome Hospitality

Led by:

Tony & Mary Yiannis

We serve refreshments for everyone coming into our Welcome Lounges. This includes setting up the drinks station, preparing drinks and serving as needed. 

Time & Location:

After the Sunday services at KingsGate.

What we're looking for:

  • You’re welcoming, approachable and enthusiastic, always serving with a smile
  • You’re able to take instructions and work at a fast pace
  • You’re able to adhere to safe systems of working in a catering environment
  • You’re calm, smiling and self-controlled when under pressure
  • You’re attentive to the quality of the service provided
  • You can attend training when required
  • You’re prepared to serve, when able, at events other than Sunday services

Anything else:

Our rotas work on a four week basis, with a minimum serving expectation of one in four.

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