This is an opportunity for you to apply to join a “pool” of people who may be called upon from time to time to perform work for the conferencing team.

The terms and conditions attached to any work performed are:

    1. You will be employed by KingsGate Trading Ltd
    2. There will be no obligation on the organisation to provide or offer work to you and no obligation on you to accept any work when it is offered. You will be free to refuse work without any negative consequences.
    3. Work will be offered on an “as and when required” basis.
    4. Each period of work will constitute a separate contract and there will be no continuing employment relationship between you and the organisation in between contracts.
    5. You will be entitled to a proportion of the statutory 5.6 weeks' paid annual holiday. This will be paid as an addition to the hourly rate as and when you work.
    6. You will be paid £9.50 plus 10.7% holiday pay making a total of £10.52.

When working here you will be part of the Facilities team and report directly to the Cleaning Supervisor or the Facilities Supervisor.  All of the team are friendly, enthusiastic people who love being part of the vision here at KingsGate Community Church.

Please complete the application form and email to:  

If posting, please address to:

HR Administrator,
KingsGate Community Church,
2 Staplee Way,
PE1 4YT.

Should you have any questions about the post please contact Fiona Rafferty or Gary Jones on email

We look forward to hearing from you.