operations manager - cambridge

Accountable to:
Cambridge Campus Pastor

Role description: 
Provide organisational and administrative oversight, working with staff and through volunteers, to ensure efficient outworking of all aspects of the Cambridge Campus.

Working with the Cambridge team to:

  • Support the Campus Pastor and Lead Team to implement strategy within the Campus.
  • Manage staff and team volunteers to ensure effective operations across the breadth of church life.
  • Support the Campus Pastor with personal organisation.

Specific tasks: 

  • Maintain awareness of strategic goals and processes for the campus, and work with the Campus Pastor and Lead Team to implement them.
  • Work with Sunday Team Leaders and Service Coordinators to ensure that weekend services are run really well, including serving at least one Sunday per month as a service coordinator.
  • Oversee staff volunteers in the carrying out of their organisational activities. Advertised staff volunteer roles include:
    • Connections Coordinator, responsible for welcome and integration of people into church life (Welcome Lunch, Next Steps, Partnership, Groups, Teams)
    • Welcome Lunch and Partnership Evening Coordinator – responsible for building a team to plan and execute six welcome lunches each year, and our Annual Partner’s Celebration
    • Celebration Sunday Coordinator – responsible for building a team to plan and execute great celebration services throughout the year (Mother’s Day, Easter, Giving Day, Giving Celebration, Father’s Day, Christmas)
    • Office Assistant – responsible for ordering and maintaining resources for the office, Sundays and midweek activities
  • Participate in weekly Sunday Review and Planning Meetings. In time, if appropriate, take on agenda setting and minuting for these meetings.
  • Maintain awareness of Campus Pastor’s schedule and commitments and assist in organisational and administrative growth.
  • With Campus Pastor, oversee budgets for the Campus.
  • Liaise with the West Road Concert Hall on logistical matters in relation to Sunday services.
  • In all of the above, liaise with Cambridge and Central Staff Members when needed.

Person specification

  • Ability to provide a KingsGate pastoral reference.
  • KingsGate Partner, who is fully involved in the life of the church.

Key skills, attributes and/or experience

  • Strategic:
    • Able to develop and implement effective plans.
    • Understands the limitations of what we as a church can do.
  • Organised.
  • Effective communicator both verbally and written.
  • Able to use technology competently.
  • Able to raise up volunteers.
  • Able to work within the boundaries of confidentiality where appropriate.


  • Experience of management in an organisational context.
  • Experience with leading volunteers.

Support and personal development

  • Training related to your responsibilities as a volunteer.
  • A named person who will supervise your volunteering and with whom you can discuss your work.
  • Regular one-to-one meetings with your supervisor.
  • A review of your volunteering role after three months.
  • Access to any relevant staff training and leadership development resources if appropriate.
  • Access to technical equipment and IT systems, if needed for the role, including any training required
  • Reimbursement of your travel expenses. If claiming petrol, this will be paid at the prevailing mileage rate.
  • Full involvement in the life of the staff team, eg, Summer BBQ and Christmas meal.

Time commitment

  • Minimum of 8 hours a week, however 12 hours would be preferable.
  • Working in the church office or at home, if appropriate.
  • It would be highly desirable if 3 hours were worked in the Cambridge office on a Tuesday, to participate in the staff team meeting. The rest of the hours can be given in the evenings or in the day, to fit around your personal commitments.

This Job Description was created by Chris Sharman in April 2023.

If you would like to discuss this role you can email chris.sharman@kingsgate.church

If you are interested in applying for this volunteer role please complete the application form and email to hradministrator@kingsgate.church