Relational Wellbeing


Our recommendation for further reading on developing relational wellbeing:

  • The People Fuel - John Townsend

    People Fuel outlines the 22 relational nutrients we all need to cultivate good relationships that provide energy, focus, and the support you need to succeed.

  • Loneliness - John T. Cacioppo & William Patrick

    Pioneering research on the startling effects of loneliness.

  • Daring Greatly - Brené Brown

    An invitation to be courageous; to show up and let ourselves be seen, even when there are no guarantees.

on the web

Further resources online:

  • Growing in Community

    More than being a place we go to, the Church is a family where we belong.

  • Relational Freedom

    Regardless of past hurts, God’s heart is for us to know greater relational freedom.