Vocational Wellbeing

on the web

Further resources online:

  • Kingdom Ambassadors

    God cares about every aspect of our daily lives and we are Kingdom Ambassadors, representing him everywhere we go, in everything we do.

  • Discovering your destiny

    Serving is a great way to meet people and to use our God-given gifts and skills to play our part in transforming lives.

  • Whatever You Do

    A KingsGate teaching series.

  • Clifton Strengths

    Discover your strengths and learn how to use them to thrive.

  • Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast



Our recommendation for further reading on developing vocational wellbeing:

  • The Power of Full Engagement - Jim Loehr & Tony Schwartz

    This book provides a life-changing road map to becoming more fully engaged on and off the job.

  • Purpose Driven Life - Rick Warren

    Discover God's amazing plan for you both now and for eternity.

  • Beginners Pluck - Liz Forkin Bohannon

    There's no lack of people out there telling you to find your passion and dream big. But why does it seem like when we try, we so often end up more lost and overwhelmed than when we started?

  • Living the Life You Were Meant to Live - Tom Paterson

    “In order to see where you are going, you need to gain a perspective on where you have been and what you have been gifted by God to be”

  • High-Impact Teams: Where Healthy Meets High Performance - Lance Witt

    No matter how big an organization, we all do ministry with a team, whether paid or volunteer. Anyone who has been part of a great team knows it's something special.