Our desire as KingsGate Youth is to be able to meet young people where they’re at, supporting them into adulthood and bringing  the good news of the gospel to every young person across our city and beyond.


We have the privilege of empowering young people in their schools to be leading ‘Louder’ lunch-time’ clubs, where through video-based resources produced by KingsGate, young people facilitate conversations that support young people through a Christian perspective on the many challenges and situations that young people today face.

Louder Leaders
There are videos and session resources for you to access.

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schools roadshow

We also offer into schools a ‘Schools Roadshow’ package. The school’s roadshow utilises the opportunity of collapsed timetable days where our youth team deliver the very highest of presentation packages that tackles head on issues from bullying, self-worth, anxiety and self-image, supporting young people to make informed choices that enable them to respond well to these issues and to make a successful transition into adult.

Look out for our Roadshow Pack coming soon!