Next Steps

You made it! We’re so excited you found us! And we’re even more excited that you’re here as a result of making a decision to ask God into your life! Wahoo. We truly believe it’s the best decision you will ever make!

We just wanted to put a few things at your finger tips to help you on this journey and encourage you as much as we can!

You’ve made a decision to change your life, to turn from how you’ve been living and live with God in control, and so here are a few things to help you;

What’s it all about?

How do I read the Bible?

I’ve still got loads of questions…

What about stuff I can listen to?

I’d love to talk with someone about all this. We’d love to chat so drop us an email!


To get in touch with the team about joining LifeGroup, coming along on Sundays, or anything else please call the church office on 01733 311156 or drop us a message here.