Youth Prayer

As a Youth Ministry, Prayer is a huge foundation of everything we do! The Bible teaches about it, Jesus did it and as a team we can personally say we’ve seen so many prayers answered and lives transformed as a result.

That’s why we’d love to pray for you!

Simply fill out the form below and let’s see God’s goodness. Please tell us when your prayers have been answered, you can use the same form. It’s always encouraging to hear stories of God’s power at work.

Prayer Form


As a church and as a youth ministry we believe that prayer is important and exciting as it is how we can connect with and talk to God. 

As young people we can be involved with praying the Prayer Shield over ourselves, our families and over one another, including our LifeGroups, our friends and our leaders.

Below are specific topics to pray for each day of the week (maybe spend 10-15 minutes doing this).

Also there is ‘The Lord’s Prayer’, and ‘The Prayer of Jabez’, to use as examples of prayer and to help you engage with God more than ever.


Youth Prayer Shield


Download your favourite background for encouragement whenever you want it.