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Youthscape podcast - Teenage Brains

For questions like 'why do youth struggle to engage on zoom?' and more.


Check out our spotify playlist of all our favourite podcast episodes

Kingsgate youth podcast recommendations

Here are some key areas that you might be interested in learning about

Mental health

We know that many of our young people are struggling with mental health issues. How can we as their youth leaders help them? Here are some helpful resources to equip you in this area

Limitless podcast - The Mental Wellbeing of Young People  –    Spotify  /    Apple

Energize blog  –    Resilience Training 

RockNations 2020 Mental Health panel  –    audio

Youth in a digital world

Moving youth ministry online has brought new challenges and opportunities. Here are some resources to help us make sure we're offering high quality, engaging, life-transforming online youth ministry.

Limitless podcast - John Mark Comer on the Digital World  –   Spotify  /   Apple

Tips for Using Zoom with Youth- Martha French- Vimeo

Social justice

The current generation of youth are very interested and passionate about social justice. Here are some resources to help us champion those desires and make sure social justice is at the heart of our youth ministry.

Limitless podcast - how can we respond to racial injustice?  –   Spotify  /   Apple

Tearfund research on youth and social justice  –    Download full research PDF

Understanding Gen Z

Other than a love of TikTok, what are the key characteristics of those born 1995-2010? And how does this affect our youth work? 

Interesting research by YFC on Gen Z  –   Youth culture  /   Digital Generation


Learn from others

yth.revival hosts some great conversations with Youth Pastors all around the UK. Sharing honest fail moments, things they've learnt and stuff they hold vital in their Youth Ministry, why not check out what they've got to share about leading Youth Ministry;


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We are committed to creating a safe environment for our young people. It's always worth checking you're up to date with our safeguarding policies and practices. Find all the relevant documents here. But here are some key things to remember when working with young people:

  • When meeting online, use all of the security features available - waiting rooms, passwords etc.
  • Avoid being alone with a young person such as during set up for a session
  • You can only meet up with a young person with parental permission and various other safeguards
  • Be educated about signs of abuse
  • If you have any concerns, fill out a Cause for Concern form and pass it onto the safeguarding coordinator. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Team meeting info

Here's what's coming up in the youth team calendar


Agenda for youth team meeting 13/4/21

8pm- Welcome + Vision:

a) New Season of opportunity

b) Immediate Future- Including Online/In-person Youth Camp

c) Long-term Future- Hybrid Church + Global Campus

d) Training + Online Team Platform


Breakout Rooms (Cambridge Team/ Peterborough + Leicester teams)

(Agenda for the below may slightly vary depending on Centre location. This will be a time to be updated and involved in conversation and discussion around the core elements of our youth ministry)

8.30pm Reconnect/ Catch up


Sunday youth-

a) Re-set Opportunity- Values Culture

b) Rota’s/ Curriculum- (inc bespoke next steps)

c) Serving Culture

d) Monthly TSG/ Flexi Content



a) Lockdown journey

b) Going forward- In-person/ Hybrid/ Global

c) Rota’s/ Curriculum-


Hybrid Model

a) Friday Night Youth- Options going forward

b) General Youth Ministry


AOB- Thoughts/ Ideas/ Questions etc


9.20 Pray- Time to pray for Youth Ministry + Young People


9.30 Close