Jasmine Allen

Jasmine Allen

Head of Connect, Media & Communications

Jasmine looks after a variety of areas within KingsGate, from serving & ministry teams, to church connection and communications. She even holds the key to the WOW cupboard, our very own cave of wonders (strange props, basically).

In her spare time, she can often be found baking Oreo cheesecakes at 4:30am, or sipping bellinis at the George in Stamford. Jasmine lives a life of many passions, including doting on her five gorgeous grandkids, pushing the boundaries of opportunism, and reclining on a balcony in Cyprus every Autumn, where she plans the year ahead. 

Jasmine believes in the power of God, perfect nails and good peppermint tea. 

We could go on ... but the best is yet to come.