Prayer is a key value here at KingsGate.

We believe that much of the blessing we’ve seen over the years is a direct result of our commitment to pray. The more we press forward in serving the Kingdom of God, seeing lives transformed, the deeper our foundations in prayer need to be.

prayer & fasting

Monday 23 May – Wednesday 25 May

We're really looking forward to our next season of prayer & fasting at KingsGate. You can sign up for prayer slots now and make sure you check back nearer the time for access to great daily devotionals and details of our online prayer gatherings. 

You can also  subscribe to get daily reminders for devotionals and prayer gatherings straight to your inbox.

Prayer shield uk

365 days of prayers, declarations and blessings over the UK led by 365 Christian leaders. The Prayer Shield brings together thousands to pray in unison for the future of our nation.

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