The Parenting Teenagers Course

No role we undertake in life is more important than parenting; however for many, parenting teenagers is harder than ever.

Meeting the needs of teenagers, setting healthy boundaries, helping to develop their emotional health, and teaching them how to make good choices takes skill and dedication.

The Parenting Teens course is for those with children aged 11-18 years. Whether a parent or carer, this course is designed to help parents overcome challenges and share valuable ideas.

The course gave me a nudge to really persevere with family evenings and these have been very precious.

What's Involved?

This five week course provides teaching via DVD, enabling parents to reflect on their end goal, build relationships with their teenagers and provides discussion points on the following topics:

  • Keeping the end in mind /
  • Meeting our teenagers' needs /
  • Setting boundaries /
  • Developing emotional health /
  • Helping them make good choices

The cost of the course is £7.50 per person and this covers refreshments and course materials.

When & Where?

Parenting TeenAGERs COURSE

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