Car Parking

Led by:

Hannah Clayton

As the first visible representatives of KingsGate, we have the privilege of welcoming visitors and serving them by ensuring that everyone is parked quickly and safely. Our aim is to demonstrate the love of God to all who come, in a practical and positive manner by directing the flow of traffic.

Time & Location:

Before and after the Sunday service at KingsGate.


What we're looking for:

  • You’re friendly, welcoming, and approachable at all times 

  • You’re calm and reassuring when directing people 

  • You’re continually proactive – you are the first one to respond when a need arises

  • You’re happy working outdoors, whatever the weather (appropriate clothing is provided)

  • You can attend training when required

  • You’re prepared to serve, when able, at events other than Sunday services

Anything else:

Our rotas work on a four week basis, with a minimum serving expectation of one in four.

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