Jacob's Group

Led by:

Sue Cant

Jacob’s Group Ministry is a Connect Group for adults who have mental health or learning disabilities. We respect individuality and we aim to meet the social and spiritual needs of this group and see them flourish and grow. Jacob’s Group Ministry provides a range of activities, and we are looking for volunteers to support our members.

Time & Location:

The second Tuesday of every month (except August), 7:30pm–9pm (with early arrival for set-up), at KingsGate

What we're looking for:

  • You have a passion for people, a caring nature and a willing heart to serve Jacob’s Group members, engaging well with everybody
  • You’re non-judgemental, non-discriminatory and are inclusive of all individuals
  • You have an ability to encourage others to reach their full potential
  • You will support the other volunteers with running the activities and be a great team player
  • You will take initiative
  • You’re prepared to attend our feedback and planning sessions (three times a year) and any training we feel may support you in your role
  • Once on team, you will be committed to self-development, learning and developing your skills. You will be a great team player and you will play your part in seeing the vision of the team fulfilled

Anything else:

This role will be subject to a DBS check as it involves assisting vulnerable adults