Led by:

Tony & Mary Yiannis

We welcome first time visitors and connect people into the life of KingsGate. This can be anything from helping them to find a LifeGroup, volunteering, providing information about upcoming events and courses, or helping them work out the next steps on their journey. We have a culture of making sure that each person who comes through our doors feels welcomed, valued and comfortable. We also connect with people in the Atrium and Auditorium.

Time & Location:

Before, during and after the Sunday services at KingsGate.

What we're looking for:

  • You're a Committed member at KingsGate
  • You're a LifeGroup member at KingsGate
  • You’re genuinely interested in people and a good listener, with a sincere desire that everyone who visits us feels welcomed
  • You’re at ease with people you don’t know
  • You’re able to ideally serve two weeks out of four
  • You can attend training when required

Anything else:

Our rotas work on a four week basis, with a minimum serving expectation of one in four.

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