Healing Rooms

No healing rooms until further notice

KingsGate Healing Rooms offers Christian prayer for healing and restoration to anyone who is experiencing illness or brokenness.

We believe that God heals people today so that all may experience physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness. Our team members are trained to provide prayer for healing and restoration.

What is Christian Healing?

When Jesus walked the earth He was moved with compassion to heal every sick person He met. This healing power continues today, and we have seen many people healed from a variety of things – from headaches to long term chronic, and even terminal, conditions. Some healings are total and instantaneous and other healings are more gradual, but we believe that nothing is impossible for God.

What Happens when you visit healing rooms?

There is no appointment necessary to receive prayer at KingsGate Healing Rooms – simply come along as soon as you are able to. When you arrive you will be asked to fill in a short form which lets us know some information about what you would like prayer for. These forms are confidential and will be kept securely.

A team of two or three people will be given your form and invite you to join them in a confidential area where they will pray for you. Each prayer session lasts for approximately 15-20 minutes, and you are welcome to return to KingsGate Healing Rooms for prayer as many times as is necessary.

If you have any further questions: connect@peterborough.kingsgate.church

When & Where?


Every Monday 7:15pm–9pm
KingsGate Community Church / 2 Staplee Way / Peterborough / PE1 4YT