behind the scenes

We are progressing with other work behind the scenes, in addition to celebrating Black History Month publicly. We are on a journey, learning together and pressing onward for stronger unity across our church family.

Details below

Advisory Council for Multiracial Inclusion

Working with the senior leadership team, benchmarking and setting targets to drive improvement in relation to inclusion within the whole life of the church.

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Inclusion Training

This year we have been rolling out a tested training course on inclusion called 3rd Option by Miles McPherson – so far this is being delivered to all our KingsGate staff, and next year will be rolled out to all our wider leaders.

Representation across ministry

Other areas of our church including the KIDS teams, looking at materials to ensure they are representative of our church community & discipleship, as well as mentoring to create opportunity and development.

Learning Community

This is a forum to share feedback, review progress and capture new ways of furthering our journey of inclusion and diversity more broadly. If you're interested in being part of the next Learning Community, just get in touch.

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