The EXPLORE Club is a series of interactive sessions unpacking the Christian faith through C.S. Lewis’ Narnia story, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

EXPLORE Club will run after school for an hour and a half for six weeks and is for children who are in Year 6. At EXPLORE Club we watch the film of The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe and consider what the themes of faith, hope, and love mean for us. We have loads of fun together through games, activities, and dramas which all earn points towards our prize–giving evening at KingsGate Community Church. This is a great celebration for all of the children who’ve taken part in EXPLORE Clubs at different schools across the city during the term, and parents & guardians are also invited to come along and celebrate their child’s achievements. Alternatively, a prize giving assembly could be arranged to take place in school to celebrate the achievements of those who have taken part. We are also able to adapt this to work in conjunction with your school’s RE curriculum as a series of lessons delivered as part of the school day.

Prayer Spaces in Schools
A prayer space event gives children from all backgrounds and beliefs an opportunity to engage with and experience prayer and reflection for themselves and enables you, as a school, to provide a daily act of worship on that day for the school. We will bring a team and all of the resources to you and run this as a one day special event at your school at no cost.

Prayer spaces help cover RE requirements, hitting several of the core units from the Peterborough syllabus by providing a resource to aid reflection and sharing and also giving space for children to ask questions about faith, God, themselves and the world around them.

We love to visit schools and are always happy to deliver assemblies based around a theme that you may be covering as a school or any other aspect of the Christian faith. We have ex-teachers within our team who are used to the school setting and understand the boundaries of representing faith in schools. Our assemblies are fun and interactive, but also provide opportunities for reflection and prayer.

Schools visits to KingsGate
There is nothing quite like a visit to a place of worship for children to fully understand a faith. It provides great opportunities for questioning and gives them a sense of awe and wonder. We open up our building twice a year for schools visits, so booking is essential. Children that have visited us here have loved seeing the contrast between a traditional church setting and a more modern church that is a busy working environment ands also acts as a conference centre. During the visit, children will tour the entire building, including our working offices and media suite, they will get a great insight into how we work, what we are passionate about and how we interact with our community. The visit will finish in our large auditorium where children will get a sense of what Sundays are like and be able to join in with our band for some singing!