social media coordinator - cambridge

Accountable to:
Cambridge Campus Pastor

Role description: 
Create and maintain an attractive presence for KingGate Cambridge on social media.

Specific tasks: 

  • Devise and implement a plan for current social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram).
  • Take responsibility for placing timely and detailed media requests to the central team.
  • If appropriate, take responsibility for content creation for posts.
  • If appropriate, take responsibility for ensuring the website is up to date.
  • Explore future opportunities for social media presence.
  • In all of the above, liaise with Cambridge and Central Staff Members when needed.

Person specification

  • Ability to provide a KingsGate pastoral reference.
  • KingsGate Partner, who is fully involved in the life of the church.

Key skills, attributes and/or experience


  • Adept at utilising social media.
  • Effective written communicator.
  • Organised.
  • Able to work within a team context.
  • Able to work within the boundaries of confidentiality where appropriate.


  • Experience in photography or graphic design.

Support and personal development

  • Training related to your responsibilities as a volunteer.
  • A named person who will supervise your volunteering and with whom you can discuss your work.
  • Regular one-to-one meetings with your supervisor.
  • A review of your volunteering role after three months (this will normally be carried out by your supervisor).
  • Reimbursement of your expenses. The organisation does not want you to be disadvantaged financially because of your volunteering. It will therefore provide you with your travel expenses to and from work at the cost of the cheapest method of travel. If claiming petrol, then this will be paid at the prevailing mileage rate.
  • Access to any relevant staff training and leadership development resources if appropriate.
  • Access to the church Dynamics system and any training required to use it.
  • Technical equipment needed to do the role well including use of Teams and any other packages deemed necessary.
  • Ability to have full involvement in the life of the staff team, eg, Summer BBQ and Christmas meal.

Time commitment

  • We expect that this role would take something in the region of 2 hours per week
  • Working in the church office or at home, if appropriate.

This Job Description was created by Chris Sharman in April 2023

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